✔ Muslim Owned

✔ Muslim Chef

✔ 100% Halal Ingredients

Cleanliness Grade: A

Note: Alcohol is served in separate glasses

Caferağa Mh., Moda Cd No. 265, Kadıköy, Istanbul
Tel: +90 216 336 0795

Monday to Sunday
11.00am – 11.00pm



Since 1928, Koço Restaurant has been serving the residents of Istanbul’s  Moda neighborhood. Originally a Greek restaurant, the tradition of great appetizers, fresh seafood, and a relaxed environment are still the concepts by which this eatery operates. They are even using some of the same recipes from the first day the restaurant opened, just with a slightly more environmentally appropriate approach.

As the world’s wild ocean populations dwindle, it has become essential that suppliers and restaurants take the forefront in increasing public awareness of this problem. Located with an excellent view of the city stretching out to the East, a fine dinner awaits you at Koço.


A Local Favorite

This Greek style restaurant has been a favorite of the locals for almost a hundred years, and has almost completely gone undetected by tourist hordes for just about as long. It seems impossible, but its location in a residential neighborhood with almost no public transportation close by, has allowed it to remain a hidden jewel to all but a few adventurous visitors who stumble upon it or are shown the way by a local guide.

The waiter will bring by a large tray displaying the cold appetizers they’ve prepared that day. Don’t try to grab any of the dishes though, they are just for show. Point to the ones you want and they will bring you a fresh version.

Make sure you try a small plate of the fresh pickles, usually cucumber and spicy pepper. They have a tangy crunch, are a bit salty and not too sour- a tasty way to get ready for more food.


Beans, Beets and Butter

The Fava bean paste looks fetching in its square shape with a bit of chili powder on top. Spread it on the crusty bread for a protein rich snack. If you like beans, the pilaki is also great, made from fava beans as well. These stewed legumes are served with fresh pressed olive oil, and are cold with a bit of acidity from lemon juice.

The soft cooked beets are sugary sweet, and need no extras to make them delicious. For cold seafood, a bit of tender octopus cannot be beat. If you ever tried octopus and it was tough, not to worry, these ones are tender enough to cut with a fork.

Normal salad can be had of course, but for something a bit different ask for a Zahter salad, this is a mountain herb, and is served lightly pickled with a few slices of red pepper and parsley.

Onto hot appetizers, the liver lightly sauteed with  butter has a potent fragrance and just as strong flavor. An indulgence, but well worth the calories, it comes with a generous sprinkle of fresh herbs on top for balance. The fried pastry is also nice, with just enough warm cheese inside to melt in your mouth after you crunch through the outer layer of dough.


Hot Stuff

This being a seafood restaurant though, Make sure to order the calamari, tender and crispy fried with a nice yogurt garlic dipping sauce. The fried clams are also a good choice.

For the main course, just ask the waiter for the freshest fish he has. This varies according to season of course, but some of the most common will be Sea Bream, Sea Bass, Anchovies, Blue fish, or Turbot. They often come either grilled or pan fried, depending on your preference.

For dessert, do not miss the pumpkin sweet. Slow cooked fresh pumpkin chunks covered with sugar syrup and served with kaymak, a clotted cream.